Why is Humanos.lib a better alternative for your video content than Youtube?

Every MONTH Youtube earns over one BILLION US dollars. They earn that because millions of people spend time, travel, edit and create video content and then give it to YouTube so they can sell commercials on these videos. This was the old way, the new way is you sell your content and get paid in crypto direct, without some website to be a middle man of your funds. We at Humanos.lib are using “Smart Contract” technology on the Bitcoin Cash network which allows you to make one transfer and pay fees and the owner of the content directly. This is true if you are tipping or buying banner space. No wallets to get locked out of or asked for paperwork about your identity to retrieve what is yours. Just people working and living …freely.

How to use Humanos.lib ?

To load your content you can see an option to upload in your Profile area. The limit for the video upload is 900 MB so make sure to edit correctly. When you want to send a payment you connect your wallet via the website's buttons to connect wallet, this is also a tab from the profile page. At this time the most convenient way to use the crypto payment feature is first to download Metamask. There you can store your Smart BCH crypto for sending people tips on buying banner ads. We recommend a hardware wallet always and on Metamask keep only the money you will spend.

How do I get paid?

You will put in your Profile area your Smart BCH address, the payments you receive will arrive straight to your Smart BCH address which will probably be your Metask wallet. The Smart BCH community is growing and changing rapidly, there will be other ways to store Smart BCH and with we are allowing people with over 100 wallet types to participate in the Humanos.lib platform.

Why is your domain named Humanos.lib or ?

When I started this project the name was Humanos.lib and still is. The .lib domain name is to be censorship-resistant as its lookup is based on the Blockchain.

All .com names are in an indirect way controlled by the US government and they do censor names. So we have this .com name to make it easier for people but it is recommended to learn how to use a .lib name so you can have true freedom always. As we see society becoming more controlled and the global imposition of a social credit score being formed it is important for people to break free of the “system” the globalists are tying to form. A New World Order system which is ultimately is designed to enslave humanity but it will not succeed.

What does it cost to use your service?

When you make a transaction our service fee is automatically included. The fees you can expect are gas fees which on the Smart BCH system are almost nothing, less than.01 US dollar cent usually. Not like Ethereum where it could cost $10 or more to send $10. Our service fee is 5%.