About us

After being censored online I developed the idea to make a liberated platform for people to work and communicate online without having to use the banking system,Reddit, Facebook,Twitter Google etc.

Also per my plan it was crucial to work without having to use traditional controlled payment systems to do business.

Our first site and domain is humanos.lib a censor resistant blockchain DNS system.....but now we have created humanoslib.com to make the service more easy to access.

Our platform has 2 focuses, which are possible with the use of Crypto Currency payments.

Now with the Humanos.lib or Humanoslib.com platform you can share videos, upload your videos and sell ads to other people or businesses. You approve the ad and the banner shows up under your video and you receive your Bitcoin Cash transfer.Now people can share videos without censorship and make money on their videos. Unlike people who upload to Youtube daily, helping Youtube make billions from the content uploaded by other people.... people who upload to humanos.lib will have the power of their advertisement sales from their account backend. Now with some creativity you have the power to earn, all paid in Crypto payments, either Bitcoin Cash or Smart Bitcoin Cash- People will now be able to communicate between users without censorship, make money and find a new level of freedom in life.

To get started upload your unique video content and make your own channel, or join the online work platform and offer your services writing articles, producing artwork, doing translations or any other of the many jobs you can do online.

Welcome to Humanos.lib !